Boston Cooler

Despite what you may have heard, there are actually a few good things that have come out of Detroit such as Faygo and Vernors. Now, a LOT of you is probably thinking, what the heck are you talking about? I’m talking about the two best brands of pop you can ever drink. Both pops are made in Detroit and Vernors is actually the oldest surviving ginger ale brand in the United States.

Your next question may be, so what does this have to do with Boston? Nothing, except the Boston Cooler originated on Boston St. in Detroit. A Boston Cooler is similar to a Root-beer Float except you use Ginger Ale rather than Root-beer. Since I’m living in La La Land and would love to think it’s Spring right now, what’s that you say? It really is Spring? I wouldn’t know because here in Chicago we go through all four seasons in one day. Since it IS Spring, I thought I would share with you a yummy Spring/Summer treat.

boston cooler

Vanilla Ice Cream
Ginger Ale

boston cooler ingredients

If you own a Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment you can make your own Vanilla Ice Cream by following this recipe I used to make Shamrock Shakes…just omit the mint extract. If not, you can obviously use pre-made ice cream as I did, since I was wanted a Boston Cooler like yesterday and didn’t want to wait to have one. I personally really like Breyers Natural Vanilla because it’s made with only five ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, tara gum and vanilla.

Step 1: Scoop Ice Cream and put in glass

boston cooler ice cream scoopboston cooler ice cream

Step 2: Pour in your Ginger Ale

boston cooler ginger ale

Step 3: Enjoy

boston cooler2


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    Oh this sounds delish! I will definitely try it. My husband and I usually like the vanilla and coke floats. I will try giving it a twist with gingerale. Thanks for sharing! :)

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