Long Island, New York

Over the weekend, I had to opportunity to travel to Long Island, New York. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend going. It is absolutely beautiful. My expectations were completely wrong. I thought it was going to be like New York City: busy and way over crowed, but it is not like that at all. Long Island is split into two counties: Nassau County and Suffolk County.We were visiting family so we spent all of our time in Suffolk County mainly on the North Shore.

Long Island is so quiet and has many little quaint sea-side villages that feature unique mom & pop shops and restaurants. You can spend the day at the beach, play golf (I cannot even count the number of golf courses I saw), or visit wine country. We spent the entire weekend just driving around the island. It was so beautiful driving through the rural, winding, hilly, tree-lined roads with many views of beautiful mansions and the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day you can even see Connecticut’s shoreline from Long Island’s North Shore.

Our trip started out a little rough. I received a text message at midnight that our flight had been cancelled due to weather and I needed to reschedule the flight. Luckily, free of charge. Thank you Southwest Airlines! Thank God I woke up when the text went off so I was able to get us onto the next available flight. It was really, really foggy out when we left so I was hoping our second flight would not be cancelled or delayed.

Like a dummy or rather sleep deprived I forgot my camera so I apologize for the crappy iPhone pics.

I love flying out of Milwaukee rather than Chicago O’hare airport for three reasons:

      1. It takes about 5 minutes to get your boarding pass and get through security
      2. Remote parking is $6.50 a day
      3. Their airport food is actually good…organic cafe

Sophie saw this cheese hat/tie stand and had a meltdown because we wouldn’t buy her a cheese-head hat. Sorry, no Packers fans in this household.Traveling with a two-year old is not the easiest thing in the world when you have to bring a car seat, diaper bag, snacks, entertainment, etc. Once on the flight we hit turbulence. I have pretty bad motion sickness so I thought it was going to be sick. Although, I was more worried about Sophie since this was her first time on an airplane. She loved it and thought it was like a roller coaster ride. The whole time she was like, “weeeeee” (think Geico pig commercial) and then had a meltdown once we didn’t have any more turbulence. She kept saying, “again. again. more.” Well, I’m really glad she didn’t inherit my weak stomach. Thank God for Southwest Airlines free WiFi and Dish Network free television because I was able to calm her down with turning on My Little Pony.

Here are some ways to entertain children on the plane:

            1. Take selfies sophie selfieairplane selfieairplane selfies
            2. Let your child color…notice in the pic above “mess free”…whoever invented invisible markers is a genius. invisible markers
            3. Electronics that your child can be distracted with cartoons. I LOVED the fact that Southwest Airlines provided FREE Dish Network TV. Although, the shows you could watch were limited, it was still nice. Plus if you sign up to be a Rapid Rewards member you also receive FREE WiFi, otherwise it is $8. I didn’t know about the free WiFi until after the fact so we watched the FREE Dish Network – My Little Pony and The Pound Puppies were the only cartoons available.  This version of My Little Pony is not even close to what I watched as a child.  In fact, this version is pretty horrible, but Sophie loved it so that’s all that matters.

              my little pony

            4. Take off your socks and shoes because that makes everything better.feet

Luckily, we only had a two-hour, non-stop flight which was great.

welcome to new york

It was so cute, Uncle aka Grandpa, held out his hand and Sophie immediately grabbed it and started walking with him. I was kind of surprised because the last time she saw him she was only 5 months old. Normally, she is shy around strangers, but I guess she knew Grandpa was ok. He has her call him Grandpa because he doesn’t have any grandchildren and Steve was like a son to him. Also, since neither of her actual Grandpa’s are alive, why not have another?!?!

walking with uncle

As I mentioned earlier, Long Island is absolutely beautiful.

                  1. Surrounded by the Long Island Sound:northport village parksteve and sophie on dockboatsnorthport village park docksophie on dockwalking on dockfamily photo on dock
                  2. Quaint little seaside mom & pop shops and restaurants.  We had breakfast at the Northport Sweet Shop which has been in business since 1929.  As soon as you walk in the doors you are welcomed by ice cream and candy.
                    northport sweet shop
                  3. You’ll also find cute little cars like this on the street.bmw
                  4. And a cute little two-year old that likes to wear blanket capes and refers to herself as Super Sophie.sophie with cape

Goodbye New York, until next time.new york skyline


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    Fun!!!! Never been to Long Island. How about that sweet little car! Love your daughter’s blanket cape! Pinning to my travel board. Love your blog banner design!!!!

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