Six Months Ago and Easter 2014

Happy Easter!

Well Dad, it’s hard to believe six months has already gone by. Mom and I were just talking about you the other day. It doesn’t feel like it’s been six months already. Where has the time gone? I still remember sitting out in the yard, under the tree with you, talking about the baby chickens that I thought were baby pheasants. What kind of country girl am I? LOL Yes, you laughed at me too. I still remember :)

You probably already know, but Sophie and I talk about you a lot. We look at pictures and she touches your old rosary almost every day and says, “It’s Grandpa’s.” You must visit her from time to time because a few weeks ago we were getting ready to leave and she wouldn’t get in the car. She just kept staring across the street. I kept saying, come on Sophie get in the car, but she just stood in the driveway staring. Then she says, “Hi, Grandpa. Hi, Grandpa” and starts waving, but I couldn’t see anyone. Finally, she gets in the car and continues to look out the window. As we were driving by that spot on the street, she starts waving again and says, “Bye-bye Grandpa. Bye-bye.”

I finally got your picture up on the wall. It’s been too long, but it’s finally up there. Now we get to have a good memory; a memory of what you looked like before you got really sick. A memory for Sophie so she can see her Grandpa for whom he really was. The kind, loving Grandpa who loved all kids, whom loved almost every one really.

I’m still working on a remembrance project of photos so I can put you, Steve’s Dad, Grandpa and both Grandma’s photos in it. It’s a work in progress. 1. Gathering all the photos and 2. I’m not really sure what exactly I want to do yet. There are many ideas floating around in my head. Maybe one day, I will actually have time to accomplish some of these ideas.

Easter 2014


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    I’m sure it was a hard day, so sorry for the loss of your dad! This was the first Easter without my uncle, and it was quite difficult. Just have to remember all of the memories <3

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      Thank you. Yes, these holidays have been a little rough. My Dad passed away in October, 9 days before his birthday, so this has been the first birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter without him. It definitely does not feel like the holidays anymore or at least these first ones without him are just not the same.

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