Spring Has Sprung and a $125 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway

If you’re like me, you’ve been living in your winter clothing up until this past week. The Midwest must have gotten a late notice that Spring started a month ago. In fact, just last week, we had snow. Since Spring has FINALLY sprung, and you’re like me, you probably need a new Spring wardrobe. With that being said, I’m thrilled to tell you, myself along with the other lovely sponsors of Because of Jackie have come together to bring you a $125 J.Crew gift card to help you update your wardrobe. This giveaway is open internationally.

j crew gift card

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  1. says

    As I grow older (now 23), I gradually get rid of colorful clothes and try to purchase only neutral colors. I used to buy clothes occasion-wise, but now, I tend to get outfits that fit most occasions.

  2. Dorothy Teel says

    As I have gotten older, I get what I like to wear, not what the current fad is and I get the colors that I want, colors that will go with other items of clothing that I have now, and I buy what I want now and not just what is on sale.

  3. maureen says

    I would be a bit more challenging when I was younger. I have come back to the classics as I have gotten older because the classics essentially do not go out of style.

  4. Amanda says

    I have changed from mostly t-shirts and jeans in dark colors when I was younger to more colorful, dressy tops and jeans.

  5. Lauren S. says

    I have definitely grown up in my style. I used to wear a lot of quirky thrift store finds in college, but now I aim for classic staples that will last me a long time.

  6. robyn says

    My style hasn’t changed very much. Add a little updating to keep from looking too old but other than that, nah.

  7. says

    My style is going through a major overhaul right now actually. A few year ago I started to add some jewelry (before that, I didn’t have anything really), and now you can say my middle name is statement necklace, and now because of Alison at Get Your Pretty On, I’m starting to change my wardrobe, I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, but now that I’m back to pre-preggo size after kid #2, I’m going for it! But in general I think I try to keep changing it up.

  8. Donna Warrington says

    Actually, my style hasn’t changed that much….seems like everything is coming back IN STYLE.

  9. Peggy Johnson says

    I wear more prints because I like them. I also wear more casual clothes since I am not in the workplace any more.

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