Yu Kids Island

Over the weekend we took Sophie to Yu Kids Island. It’s an indoor, kid-friendly play area located in the Chicagoland area Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL or in the Hawthorn Center in Vernon Hills, IL. We live close to Vernon Hills so that is the one we took her to. This play area is nice because only children 48″ and under can go in it. I wish there wasn’t a height limit because this place was pretty awesome. I wanted to play! It’s a socks only facility, no shoes or bare feet are allowed and no outside food and drinks. A lot cleaner than the germ farm that is free located inside of the mall. The cost is $10 Monday – Thursday, $12 Friday – Sunday or $5 if you show up for the last hour. The great thing about this place is that it is unlimited play. This allows you to pay once, play, go shopping and come back if you want to.

yu kids island

The Dancing Balloons was by far Sophie’s favorite. To be honest, I had a lot of fun playing in there with her too. She only wanted the purple and pink balloons though. I have a total girly-girl.

balloon pitballoonsballoons yu kids islandchasing balloonssophie with ballonssophie with balloons yu kids island

The spinning palms were pretty neat and I kind of wanted to sit on one and spin.  Sophie is still a little to young to understand you could sit on the balls while it spun around.

palm tree yu kids islandspinning balls yu kids island spinning ballsswingingballs

I’m not sure what this thing is actually called, but I called it the hamster wheel.

hamster wheel yu kids island

This area is just for crawling infants, but they allow the bigger children to play in it as long as infants are not in there.ball bit yu kids islandinfant area yu kids island

The inflatable bounce area.  I wish they allowed adults to play too.

bounce area yu kids island

You can play basketball.  Sophie is really tall so she was able to slam dunk.

sophie basketball yu kids islandsophie basketballbasketball2

I’m not really sure how you were supposed to play on this thing.  It just rotated.

spinny thing

Then there was the little hideout spot.  The kids kept climbing on top and going through the hole.

hideout yu kids islandhideout sophie yu kids island

The water slide seemed to be the most popular among the children. It was pretty neat because you could crawl underneath it and see through the water.

water slide yu kids island

Sophie was having a lot of fun until a birthday party showed up. The place also hosts birthday parties. The girl having the party was turning six. As I’m sitting there watching them, I couldn’t believe the way these kids were behaving. Now, I know, I have no where near a perfect child nor am I am perfect parent, but I would NEVER allow my child to constantly push and hit other kids and not do anything about it. Of these 20 girls, there were already cliques formed. One little girl, politely asked, “may I play with you guys please?” and the other two little girls replied, “no, we don’t like you” and literally shoved her away. Another little girl told her mom she wanted to leave because, “no one would play with her and they were being really mean,” but the mom made her stay.

This incident happened several times throughout the hour we were with these kids. One other girl, not only shoved other kids, but also shoved Sophie and hit her three times. Well, sorry parents, but if you are not going to say something to correct your child, I will. I kindly told the little girl 1. It is unacceptable to push or hit anyone and 2. One day she will learn, she was not going to get everything she wants in life. Maybe I didn’t need to add that second part, but it was my response after she told me, “but i want to play on this by myself” this was after she shoved the other kids off of it. Maybe it was out of my place to say something, but parents, please stop polluting the gene pool and teach your children some respect. Out of the 20 girls that were there, there was ONE parent who corrected their child’s behavior.

I couldn’t believe these little six year old were acting in such behavior. They were being so mean to each other and acting like those girls from high school, we all hated, that thought they were better than every one else and tormented others. It was really sad to sit and watch. Is this really what our youth acts like these days? I mean, I remember this happening, but it was more in Junior High and High School, not when we were five or six. Would you have corrected another child’s behavior if you witnessed it happening for over an hour? If I can see it happening, I know you can too.

After an hour, I couldn’t sit and watch this behavior anymore so we left. Plus, Sophie ended up crying on more than one occasion because the bigger kids kept picking on every one. Once we got in the mall she climbed into the fire truck stroller that you pay $7 to rent. We probably could have rented one and pushed her through the mall the entire time and she would have been just as happy. Steve bought her a new kitty to make her feel better. She picked it out herself.

sophie at mallsophie at the mall with kitty


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    I would definitely correct a child if they are being mean or unruly. I don’t think I would have waited as long as you, the first time I see it I usually let it go, the second time I’m saying something. I can’t believe parents sometimes! It’s crazy how they let their kids treat other kids. I’m always on top of my kid when he’s pushing or being mean.

    • says

      I’m with you when it’s my child she gets 2 chances, that’s it. I really was trying to give these parents a benefit of doubt that maybe they didn’t truly see it happen the first couple of times. I just tried to redirect my daughter to a different play area.

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